MPact Health is a multi-state provider network.


MPact Health is a multi-state Clinically Integrated Network (CIN) currently comprising over 3,000 physicians and 49 hospitals. The CIN is structured to allow physicians and hospitals to work together on clinical integration, quality improvement, and contracting while preserving their independence and unique identity.

The CIN is physician-led and professionally managed in a way to promote best practices in clinical and operational disciplines. The CIN is unique in its organization through regions or “Chapters” where physicians leverage the best available technology to lead quality improvement and innovation in each geographic market.

MPact Health can contract with employers, government entities, or payers with a single-signature in an individual market or across the four states of Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas, and Oklahoma.

MPact Health has a clinical data and analytics platform which provides to employers the information needed to show quality improvement and cost reduction. It also provides to physicians large scale benchmarking and clinical analytics for health systems down to small physician practices.

MPact Health is governed by two boards. The MPact Health board provides strategic direction, oversees partnerships and affiliations, and provides the business structure for the CIN. The CIN Board governs quality improvement, clinical integration, best practice, Chapter performance, insurance strategy, and is the contracting entity for the enterprise.


MPact Board

Mark Laney, MD (Board Chairman)

President/CEO, Mosaic Life Care


Jonathan Curtright

Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operating Officer, MU Health System


Fred Ford

President Ambulatory Operations, Mercy


Edward Kammerer, MD

Chief Quality Officer, Mosaic Life Care


Mike McCurry

Executive Vice-President, Chief Operating Officer, Mercy


Michael Pulido

Chief Operating Officer, Mosaic Life Care


Shannon Sock

Executive Vice-President Strategy, Chief Financial Officer, Mercy


Brian Steines

Chief Financial Officer, MU Health System


Steve Whitt, MD

CMO, MU Health System


Dirck Clark

President, MPact Health

MPact CIN Board

Steve Whitt, MD (Board Chairman)

CMO, MU Health System


Theodore Choma, MD

Orthapaedic Surgery, MU Health System


Patrice Delafontaine, MD

Dean, MU School of Medicine


Fred Ford

President, Mercy Ambulatory Operations, Mercy


Bryan Green, MD

Family Practice, Mosaic Life Care


Marc Gunter, MD

SVP, COO Mercy Clinics, Mercy


Bill Rippe, MD

Internal Medicine, Mosaic Life Care


James Rogers, MD

Internal Medicine, Mercy


Dirck Clark

President, MPact Health

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